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Lucid Dreaming – An Introduction

6 Nov

Lucid dreaming is the state of knowing that you are the state of dreaming when you are actually asleep and dreaming. When you are thinking of how to lucid dream tonight, remember that it is a state that has been proven scientifically. The most interesting part of lucid dreaming is that you can control all the aspects of the dream and have total control of the location of your dream.

Benefits and Factors that interfere with Lucid Dreaming

Several benefits of lucid dreaming are recognized; the most beneficial being the ability to treat chronic nightmares and to get the human experience in all facets. Lucid dreams can be initiated at will. The only factors that you should avoid are drugs and fear.
Drugs are known to interfere with REM sleep. REM or Rapid eye movement sleep is the state of sleep where an individual dreams and the body losses its reflexes while the eyes move rapidly and there is faster heart beat and muscle relaxing activity. Some medications may hinder smooth REM sleep leading to loss of dreaming.
Fear is a paralyzing factor in lucid dreaming as it makes the human body try to protect itself from whatever it subconsciously sees as a threat. Thus, dreaming becomes heavily affected when your body refuses to relax. In order to induce lucid dreaming, you should avoid these two factors.

How to go about Lucid Dreaming

Keeping a dream Journal helps you to encounter lucid dreams. This works by reminding your normal state that you had a dream that you controlled in the night. You will find that reminding yourself of the dream will make your experience relieved once again and it will become easier to have more dreams you can control.
Another tip for inducing dreams that are lucid in nature is through doing regular reality checks. These reality checks help you to know whether you are actually dreaming or it is just a passing wave of thought.
Ensure that you get enough 7-8 hour sleep to give your mind enough time for each stage of sleeping. Again, ensure that you rehearse any lucid dreams you have encountered in the past. Take time to acknowledge that you will react in a certain manner if you happen to have a lucid dream in the night. This will send a message to your mind that you will certainly have a lucid dream.
Have a great lucid dream experience!